Creating dashboard chart using "Date Created" column?


Hey everyone.

Here is what I'm hoping to do. I have a single smart sheet containing containing about 4 months worth of lines. I essentially want to create a bar graph showing the number in lines created by month. (So how many were entered in June, July, August, September). I have an automated date created column to show/record date of entry.

Is there a simple way to do this?


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    Happy Friday there,

    You can create a formula in sheet summary with the month June, July, August, September and create a graph via sheet summary.

    =COUNTIF(Created1:Created260, MONTH(@cell) = 7)

    =COUNTIF(Created1:Created260, MONTH(@cell) = 8)

    =COUNTIF(Created1:Created260, MONTH(@cell) = 8)

    =COUNTIF(Created1:Created260, MONTH(@cell) = 9)

    Note that When the MONTH() function contains a blank cell within the range of dates it is reviewing, it will produce the error displayed in the “Result” for this row. This is expected behavior. To resolve this, you’ll want to utilize an IFERROR() function.

    For more info,

    If you continue to have a new entry, I would suggest having a helper column with this formula to extract the month and do a count if =MONTH(Created@row)

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