Python Smartsheet Webhook Verification

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I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. I am trying to create a webhook in Python using Anvil for the callback url

I have created a webhook. I am struggling to get it authenticated/verified. I have spent hours reading and trying all sorts of solutions.

I am using Atom on my desktop for the webhook.

On Anvil, the code I for the callback url is as follows:

@anvil.server.http_endpoint('/webhook', methods=['POST'])

def webhoook(**q):

    if 'Smartsheet-Hook-Challenge' in event['headers']:

      return {

        'statusCode': 200,

        'headers': {



          'Content-Type': 'application/json',

          'Access-Control-Allow-Methods': 'OPTIONS,GET,POST'



The code I have for the webhook to enable it is as follows:

Webhook = smartsheet_client.Webhooks.update_webhook(

 WEBHOOK_ID_IS_HERE,    # webhook_id


  'enabled': True}))

IndexResult = smartsheet_client.Webhooks.list_webhooks(





The response I get back is always disabled.

How do I get my callback url to send the smartsheet header challenge back to smartsheet to enable this webhook?

Additionally, I have code that updates a dropdown list. I currently have this code executing every sixty seconds. Once I get this webhook enabled, how do I listen for this event to execute my code?


  • I've got the following code echoing back on reqbin just fine. However, when I try to enable the webhook with smartsheet, it returns an HTTP 500

    @anvil.server.http_endpoint('/webhook', methods=['POST'])

    def webhoook(**q):

     request = anvil.server.request

     challenge = request.body_json['challenge']

     return {'smartsheetHookResponse': challenge}

  • Hi @ducktapeonmydesk

    Were you able to get this resolved? It looks like the challenge should maybe be set to the request.headers.get instead of the request.body_json.

    If this isn't the issue, I would recommend reaching out to Smartsheet Support so they can work with you in a private channel on this, or posting in the Stack Overflow community, here.



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    Hi, @Genevieve P. ,

    Yes, I actually got this working. To help anyone that may come across this in the future that is also looking for help, I will post my code below.

    This is the code that I put on the Anvil server

    import anvil.server
    import json
    import requests
    @anvil.server.http_endpoint('/webhook', methods=['POST'])
    def webhook():
      request = anvil.server.request
      challenge = request.headers.get('smartsheet-hook-challenge')
      ssresponse = {'smartsheetHookResponse': challenge}
      return [ssresponse,'updateAppt')]

    I was then able to enable to webhook with the following code

    import smartsheet
    smartsheet_client = smartsheet.Smartsheet('YOUR SECRET KEY HERE')
    Webhook = smartsheet_client.Webhooks.update_webhook(
      WEBHOOK ID HERE,       # webhook_id
        'enabled': True}))

    Finally, this is the code for the webhook that Anvil calls from the first code block above. The code here is for updating a dropdown list (just as ddupdate does), but you can put whatever you want between 'def updateAppt()' and the last line, 'anvil.server.wait_forever()'

    import smartsheet
    import anvil.server
    anvil.server.connect("YOUR ANVIL UPLINK CODE HERE")
    def updateAppt():
        smartsheet_client = smartsheet.Smartsheet('YOUR SECRET KEY HERE')
        sheet = smartsheet_client.Sheets.get_sheet(SHEET ID HERE) #PM Appt times
        schsheet = smartsheet_client.Sheets.get_sheet(SHEET2 ID HERE) #Main Sheet
        apptColumn = COLUMN ID HERE
        schAvailAppointTime = COLUMN2 ID HERE
        apptColumn = smartsheet_client.Sheets.get_sheet(, column_ids=apptColumn)
        schAvailAppointTime = smartsheet_client.Sheets.get_sheet(, column_ids=schAvailAppointTime)
        schsheetcolumns = smartsheet_client.Sheets.get_columns(, include_all=True)
        apptArray = []
        for row in apptColumn.rows:
            for cell in row.cells:
                if cell.value != None:
                column_spec = smartsheet.models.Column({'type':'PICKLIST', 'options': apptArray})
        response = smartsheet_client.Sheets.update_column(, COLUMN2 ID HERE, column_spec)
        updated_column = response.result

  • Hi @ducktapeonmydesk

    Thank you so much for providing your solution! This may be exactly what someone else is looking for, so I really appreciate you taking the time.



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