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Hi dears if someone can help with this format I have 3 cells:

1-ESTIMATED REQUIRED DELIVERY DATE: include the estimated date of delivery

2-PROCUREMENT TIMELINE: autogenerated including the number of working days

3-PR ESTIMATED SUBMISSION DATE: I need to create a formula that can automatically calculate the reverse date of working days only "not including weekends Saturday and Sunday" , the value of the cell will be a date calculated as ESTIMATED REQUIRED DELIVERY DATE - PROCUREMENT TIMELINE excluding weekends

Thank you in advance


  • Antonio Figueroa
    Antonio Figueroa ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Good Morning

    =[Estimated Required Delivery Date]@row + NETWORKDAYS([Estimated Required Delivery Date]@row, [Estimated Required Delivery Date]@row + [Procurement Timeline]@row)

    Hope this helps

  • Alim
    Alim ✭✭

    Thank you for your feedback, it works but I'm facing another problem:

    PROCUREMENT TIMELINE value is formula "=IF([ESTIMATED VALUE]10 >= 50001, "60", IF([ESTIMATED VALUE]10 = 0, "", IF([ESTIMATED VALUE]10 >= 20001, "25", "14")))"

    If I didn't change the cell value manually to number the date template PR ESTIMATED SUBMISSION DATE showing an error #INVALID OPERATION

    So how I can fix that without removing the IF formulation?


  • Alim
    Alim ✭✭

    OK i Solved thank you for your support

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