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I'm getting stuck on this one. I have a working OR statement formula based on no information from two different columns. I want to add a third variable based on another column having a specific statement. I've tried this a few ways but, nothing has worked.

Working Original statement:

=IF(OR([ePRG Training]@row <> "", [Attestation Delivery]@row <> ""), "Completed", "Training Needed")

Non-working New Statement:

=IF(AND(OR([QISA Status]@row = "Signed QISA - Complete", [ePRG Training]@row <> "", [Attestation Delivery]@row <> ""), "Completed", "Training Needed", ))


If Column1 = "X" and Column2 is not blank or Column3 is not blank then "Completed" else "Training Needed".

Also, would like to work in: If Column1 does not equal X then do nothing.


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  • Tim Shaded
    Tim Shaded ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    The issue appears to be with the separation of AND and OR functions, as well as proper placement of ().

    Give this a try:

    =IF([Column 1]@row <> "Signed QISA - Complete", "", IF(AND([Column 1]@row = "Signed QISA - Complete", OR([Column 2]@row <> "", [Column 3]@row <> "")), "Completed", "Training Needed"))


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