Saving default colours for dashboard widget graphs

I have a dashboard widget that displays a pie chart.

The pie chart shows the number of high, medium and low priority "issues" recorded in a sheet.

I have built this into a workspace which I copy to use on various projects - sort of a template set equivalent.

Is it possible to "pre configure" the graph to use specific colours for each data type? ie, I would like it to show the number of "high" issues in red, "medium" in orange, and "low" in green.

What I find is that despite building the "template workspace" and setting up the pie chart with the right colours, as soon as I clear out the underlying sheet and save it, the dashboard no longer remembers the colour categories, so I have to reconfigure the dashboard.

Is there anything I can do to build my "workspace template" so I don't have to reconfigure the widgets each time? Or is this an enhancement request for the widgets to display data which doesn't yet exist with a particular style?



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