I have one user are not receiving email notification when a line item changed.


This is only happenihow from one smartsheet. If I create another smartsheet, the user would receive the email notification. I tried to stop the automation and restart, that did not resolve the issue. Also, I tried to delete the user from the contact list and recreate it, that did not work. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Hazem Barghouty

    There are a couple of things to check here.

    1) Instead of turning the workflow on and off again, can you please try duplicating the workflow and deleting the old one?

    2) If that hasn't helped, is the user receiving the alert within Smartsheet (the bell icon), but not as an email? If so, please have the user check their email Spam settings to see if the alert is being filtered out.

    3) If the user was the person making the change that triggered the alert, please have them check their personal settings under Notifications to ensure they have this type of notification turned on.

    4) Finally, how is the workflow being triggered? Certain types of actions cannot be triggered by inbound cell-links or cross-sheet formulas.

    If none of this explains what's happening, can you please post a screen capture of the current workflow set up, identifying what the change is that's triggering the alert? But please block out sensitive data.



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