Pie Chart from Report?

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  • David H

    I've got a similar question, though with different issues.

    I've got multiple sheets that I've summarized in a report. Both sheets have columns for "estimated hours (EH)" and "remaining hours (RH)" for each task. There are hundreds of tasks, per sheet, but in the report I filter so that it only displays the "Active Sprint" tasks, which are marked with a flag checkbox.

    In this report, I am able to display the total remaining hours, and the total estimated hours.

    I'd like just a pie chart to pop up , either in this report or in a seperate portal, that shows two colors:

    for example, red = RH, blue = EH-RH (hours completed)

    Any recommendations for how to do this as efficiently as possible?

  • Aravind GP
    Aravind GP ✭✭✭
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    Hi David,

    To do a chart, you need to pull these two values in a separate report or a sheet. Once you have it ready, create a dashboard or in an existing dashboard, you can add the chart widget and select the sheet/report which contains this data to prepare a pie or donut chart.



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