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Diane Moore
Diane Moore ✭✭✭✭
edited 10/26/21 in Formulas and Functions

Is there a page where I can see all of the limitation in one place? I created a large program using this application and I keep stumbling upon issue after issue and keep patching each issue individually. If I can see all limitations, it would allow me to be a bit more strategic in my approach to refactoring.

For example, last week I experienced this error:

Some cross-sheet formulas can't be updated, because this sheet has more cells referenced from other sheets than the maximum allowed (100000).

Today, I ran into this error:

There is also a limit to the total number of cells used within a sheet that can potentially override the number of rows available. I believe that limit is 500,000. So if you have 125 columns, you will hit that cell limit once you have 4,000 rows.

If not located in one place, can someone tell me others that I might need to be aware of? I have a large sheet (120+ columns) and I am projected to add 900 rows a month. I am already at ~3500 rows.


I found this page

I just want to make sure there are no other issues that are not listed on this page.


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