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difficult or unstable to access SmartSheet

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Hello SmartSheet,

Recently, my colleagues who work in Weifang China told me that it's very difficult to access to SmartSheet. The issues are:

  1. Sometimes we can access it very well while sometimes it's impossible even to open it;
  2. It will take us long time even hours! to open it. 
  3. We have tried different exploers, such as IE, Chorme, FireFox, etc. But the problem still exists.
  4. It seems that we can open it on Smart Phones. While we use the office network on PCs or Laptops.

Could you please help us to analyse and tell us the solution? Or you can offer us solution for this problem. 

We are using SmartSheet more and more frequently for orders, projects, tasks, etc. we also planned to train more employees to use it. But we need to confirm the stability firstly.

Please contact me through email: zhangwb@weichai.com

IE display issues.JPG

IE display issues -- after permit the IE to display the content.JPG

IE display issues -- error .JPG

IE display issues -- error 02.JPG


  • Shaine Greenwood


    There are a few reasons this may be happening:

    • It appears that you're going to www.smartsheet.com, you may want to try going to the application site directly at app.smartsheet.com
    • Your browser is out of date—it appears that you're using an older version of IE. You may need to update your browsers to load the site. Smartsheet runs best in the latest version of Chrome. (Even if you've tried Chrome already, update the browser and try again.)
    • Your network is blocking Smartsheet—you'll need to work with your company's IT team in order to make sure that the files Smartsheet needs to download to your browser aren't being blocked by your network.
    • Blocking on a national level—we've had reports from people unable to access Smartsheet in China intermittently. This is due to some high level blocking. You'll need to work with your company's IT team to consider using an alternate server route to get to Smartsheet, such as through a VPN.
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