Counting Number of Installed Stores

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Hello Smartsheeters,

I am trying to count the number of installed stores using Smartsheet. I was able to use COUNTIF to get the number of chains that are installed by parsing the "Status" column:

=COUNTIF(Status:Status, "Installed")

However, I have another column that lists the number of installed stores/branches per chain (for example, the Acme chain of stores may have 4 installations). For all of the chains with the status of 'Installed', I want to look at the column to the right (# of installed stores) and create a total count of the number of installed stores.

So the logic would flow like this:

  1. Look at every chain with "Installed" in the 'Status' field
  2. Perform a count SUM of the numbers in the "# of stores' field (of the chains that have "Installed" in the status field.

So if we have the following:

Acme - Installed - 1

Jim's - Installed - 2

Bongo-Bongo - Installed - 4

Video Mart - Pending - 4

The Sheet Summary field for "Total Number of Installed Stores) should display '7'.


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