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So we are a huge organization and I am the only one that has license to create workspaces for another departments. I do not want my name to be shown in every approval request because everyone reaches out to me for explanation and I am just a person who creates these workspaces for other departments.

Please advise.


  • Brett Wyrick
    Brett Wyrick ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey Kamila. This is a tough one. Your name shows up because you're listed as the Sheet Owner, it appears (this article from Smartsheet goes over this). So even though you're the Workspace Owner, I imagine you're been automatically added as the Sheet Owner too.

    You've got a couple options, I think:

    1. Transfer the Sheet Ownership to whoever is the main "owner" of each sheet (instructions here). Please note you can only transfer ownership of a sheet to a user with a paid license.
      1. This option requires either a Business or Enterprise account type for your entire Smartsheet tenant.
    2. Create a "Service Account" (that is, a "dummy" account) in your Smartsheet tenant that is simply a "bot" that is utilized for administrative items like this.
      1. Basically create a new account, make that account a dedicated Admin account that creates workspaces and sheets.
      2. This would require a dedicated email address, so you'd likely need to have your IT team create a new User Account in Microsoft 365, or you could use a group inbox (probably). This would eliminate any chance of other users reaching out directly to you (especially since your email address would be removed from the "Reply To" field).

    What do you think? Let me know!

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    2023 update: I'm no longer working on Smartsheet stuff. I started working at Microsoft in 2022, plus I have 1-year-old twins at home and frankly, I don't have enough time to do Smartsheet anymore. It's been real, Smartsheeters!