Trying to return text in a cell based on meeting two criteria

I seem to be stuck. I have searched for answers in this forum and tried many formulas only to get errors. Think it probably a simple answer but can't seem to find it.

I have a sheet that scores our programs on a scale. I am trying to return the score based on the state and the project name. So for example below (this was just one of the many ) I was looking for "Alabama" then the program "Regional Onboarding Center ROC", then return the score that was entered in the cell from that same row.

=IF(AND({State} = "Alabama", {Project Name} = "Regional Onboarding Center ROC", {score}))

I tried countifs and ifs and index. I appreciate any advice.


  • Brent Wilson
    Brent Wilson ✭✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately you are trying to get the If function in the wrong method.

    Your IF statement is saying "If State = Alabama and Project = ROC then show me "The Score".. the problem is the "The Score" is a column.. You need to tell it which row in the column you want..

    You need to use a VLOOKUP or Index Match.. Those can get a bit confusing with And statements..

    So the way I would approach this is

    1. create helper columns in both tables.. where you join the two values.
      1. By this I mean a column that would contain a formula like "=[State]+[Project Name]"
      2. This way you are looking up for an exact match "AlabamaRegional Onboarding Center ROC" vs "MichiganRegional Onboarding Center ROC"
    2. Then do a Vlookup from the One Table for "AlabamaRegional Onboarding Center ROC" and return the score

    That's where VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH come into play..

    Have a read of this

    Feel free to comment if you need more help

    Brent C. Wilson, P.Eng, PMP, Prince2

    Facilityy Professional Services Inc.

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