How do I get a formula to understand that 10 is 10 and not 1? It is not factoring in the zero.

I have this formula in a calc sheet for reference:

=COUNTIFS({Month}, HAS(@cell, "10"), {Contact Method}, "Booking Appointment")

The “10” is meant to look for dates that start with 10 for the month and this formula has worked for 1-9 months, but now for October it is pulling January because it’s only looking for “1”. How do I make it recognize the zero so it sees it as 10?

Thank you!


  • hollyconradsmith
    hollyconradsmith ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Amber Bailey UNM ,

    Wondering if removing the "" around 10 would make it recognize it's a number?

    If it is pulling from a date column, perhaps using if(LEFT(Month@row, 2), 10, "") would get you the correct item?

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