1/3/2021 to January 2021 formula


I did see this on another post but it was referencing dates in two different cells. This is that formula:

=INDEX([Text Column]:[Text Column], MATCH(MONTH(IF(ISDATE([Report Date]@row), [Report Date]@row, [Date Received]@row)), [Number Column]:[Number Column], 0)) + " " + YEAR(IF(ISDATE([Report Date]@row), [Report Date]@row, [Date Received]@row))

I'm just wanting to look at a date from one cell. Based off the formula in the post (I also did the table on the sheet) and changing it for one cell, this is what I tried:

=INDEX([Month Number]:[Month Name], MATCH(MONTH(IF(ISDATE([H-Analysis Due Date])55)) + " " + YEAR(IF(ISDATE([Analysis Due Date]55)))

and of course, it's not working. What am I missing?

thank you

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