Help with Stacked IFs for Color Balls


=IF(Status@row="Complete","Blue",IF((AND[Actual Start Date]@row=[Start Date]@row,Status@row="In Progress"),"Green",IF(AND([Actual Start Date]@row<>[Start Date]@row,Status@row="In Progress"),"Yellow",IF(AND([Actual Start Date]@row<>[Start Date]@row,Status@row<>"In Progress"),"Red"))))

Tired eyes, I know I'm missing something can can't figure it out.

I am tried to have a symbol column that shows green, yellow, red, blue as follows:

1) when Status@row is "Complete" show blue ball

2) when [Actual Start Date]@row equals [Start Date]@row and Status@row is "In Progress" show green ball

3) when [Actual Start Date]@row is not equal to [Start Date]@row but the Status@row is "In Progress" show yellow ball

4) when [Actual Start Date]@row is not equal to [Start Date]@row, and Status@row is not equal to "In Progress" show red ball


  • Stepheni Norton

    Oh! Thank you! Tired eyes get me every time!

    Thank you so much😊

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