Workflows - How to remove a respondent from a workflow once they already responded

Looking for help on removing a team member from a workflow "request for update" once they have satisfied the request (aka already responded).

My current workflow is a request for an update 7 days prior to a due date. Say a team member responds when they receive the request and they provide the update. Since my alert is set up for a daily query, how do I ensure that they are removed from the workflow "pool" since they already provided their update (and satisfied the request parameters)?

Here is my workflow:

Thanks for any feedback.

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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Insert a Modified By column and 2 checkbox columns. Use a formula to check the first box if the Modified By column matches the Assignee column, then create another automation that will check the second box when the first becomes checked. Then include in your criteria of the Update Request that the second box is unchecked.

  • bentlb3
    bentlb3 ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you Paul! Worked perfectly. My next challenge is using this same process for four update conditions. For example, I have 4 requests that will go out:

    • 14 days after start (and at 0% complete) request for update
    • 30 day request for update
    • 7 day request for update
    • Due today request for update

    Should I assign check boxes for each workflow above that will envelope a timeframe relative to the request period the workflow is capturing? If I apply the checkbox condition to each of these, and the owner makes the update on the first condition above, and nobody else makes a change on that task by the time the second condition approaches, then the second condition won't activate because it will think the update has already been provided.

    If I have to create 4 new checkboxes and criteria for each, how would the date conditions within the formula look?

    Sorry for the lengthy description, and thanks for the help!


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