Formula works in sheet but not via API


I struggle with smartsheet api.

When i try to add column to a projet i have this error :


Error add column: {"result": {"code": 1310, "errorCode": 1310, "message": "Invalid column formula syntax, see help article for more information.", "name": "ApiError", "recommendation": "Do not retry without fixing the problem. ", "refId": "16d8zjqdpw6ty", "shouldRetry": false, "statusCode": 400}}

BODY for Add column:

Colum not added: {"formula": "=IF(OR([Suivi DIP]# = \"Gris\", [Suivi DIP]# = \"Jaune\", [Suivi DIP]# = \"\"), \"A faire\", \"FINI\")", "hidden": false, "index": 42, "title": "Formule pour suivi des infos DIP", "type": "TEXT_NUMBER", "width": 101}

But the formula seems to work on project model

(For information, I have the same problem for the 6 other columns)

Any help will be welcome

Thank you


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Raphael Obadia

    It looks like your language settings require semi-colons instead of commas in formulas. I tested your formula via API and it worked fine because I have my settings to use commas.

    In your screen capture I can see that you use ; instead.

    Try updating your API request to use semi colons within the formula:

    {"formula": "=IF(OR([Suivi DIP]# = \"Gris\"; [Suivi DIP]# = \"Jaune\"; [Suivi DIP]# = \"\"); \"A faire\"; \"FINI\")", "hidden": false, "index": 42, "title": "Formule pour suivi des infos DIP", "type": "TEXT_NUMBER", "width": 101}



  • Thank for your feedback.

    That was a silly thing, just a permission/access missing.

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