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I have a column of checkboxes. Currently there are 16 rows with data but 18 rows total. I have a column setup for some of these called Skip which checks a box off so another function will know to skip those (Currently two rows are being skipped which is giving a count of 16). However when I want to count the blank checkboxes in a column instead of counting 16 it is counting 18 and and skipping the two so I am getting a result of 16 when really i should be getting a count of 14. Two blank rows are below the boxes. If I delete those i get an accurate count, Whenever I check off a box it adds the two blank rows back in and counts them again. Is there anyway to stop this?

Current formula: =COUNTIFS(Skip:Skip, 0, Activated:Activated, 0) - This is giving me 16 when it should give 14 because of my skip column


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