how to extract currency from a string of text

similar to a bank statement

07-22 Point Of Sale Withdrawal MARTYS FI 61 MAIN 13.99 - SHOPKINTON MAUS

07-22 Point Of Sale Withdrawal PAN THAI 44.38 - RESTAURANTHOPKINTON MAUS

07-22 Point Of Sale Withdrawal ALS STATE STREET 10.00 - CABOSTON MAUS

07-22 External Deposit Resilience03WBZk C:42320H:03WBZk - 35.00 DIR DEP

I want to be able to extract the bold numbers nnnn.nn


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This may need to be a manual process unless you (hopefully) have a slight typo on the last entry where the amount comes after the hyphen as opposed to before the hyphen as it is in the other entries.

    If it is not a typo, will that only ever happen when the last bit is "DIR DEP"?

    Basically... We need to find some kind of logic that is the same across every entry of similar type (such as POS vs Dir Dep) or across every entry regardless of type (this would be ideal).

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