How to set the value via Python APIs for simple CONTACT_LIST column ?

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i have the column where the type is CONTACT_LIST (single value only, not multiple values) ...

here is the code snippet:

case_owner_email = "[email protected]"


'column_id': project_metadata_column_map["Case Owner"],

'value': case_owner_email


all my email addresses are correct, and all my owners are registered users in Smartsheet, but sometimes, when i open the sheet, i get correct user (pic + name), but other times i get only email address ...

i need that this is always user ...

so, is there any specific formatting for the value ?

thx & rgrds,



  • Brett Wyrick
    Brett Wyrick ✭✭✭✭

    I don't utilize Python, but just throwing this out there - could you do a lookup for the User's ID by their email address and then utilize that instead? I imagine that would always give you the correct value.

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  • lkrobot
    lkrobot ✭✭✭✭✭

    what do you mean with lookup ? what you intend with User ID ? how you would do this ? example ?

    PS. the email address i'm using is allways correct ...

    thx & rgrds,