COUNTIF & 'not equal to'


Is there a way to use the COUNTIF function and have a cell counted only if it's NOT equal to a specific value?

I'm tracking a weekly metric. I have several rows with a formula that calculates the % increase of the current week's value vs. the prior week. Since there aren't any values in the future weeks yet, the formula comes back with ""#DIVIDE BY ZERO" . I'd like to use the COUNTIF function to only count rows that have a my metric value in it, but not the rows with ""#DIVIDE BY ZERO" .

Right now, I have just the COUNT function in there, which is counting the error cells (for a total of 51). But I'm aiming to get the "# of weeks completed" row to count only 4 (cells showing n/a, 73.46%, 5%, and -100%). And then when I fill in the next row next week, it would count 5 cells, and so on.

Thanks for any help!



  • BullandKhmer
    BullandKhmer ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi There,

    You could use either

    COUNTIF(range,<>"#DIVIDE BY ZERO")



    You could also use the ISNUMBER FUNCTION


    Not sure about the syntax on that last one!

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