Update from Individual to Pro.


Hello, for more than 12 months I used the Individual version to work, and with it I had several collaborators who enter information to the sheets that I created. Now I go to the PRO version and my collaborators can only view the sheets, it is not supposed that when updating to a higher version I should keep the characteristics, or I am doing something wrong


  • Genevieve P.


    The Individual plan and Pro plan have different functionality when sharing sheets; in the Pro Plan, users will need a license on your plan in order to collaborate and make changes.

    Please see this article for more information: Sharing and widgets in the Pro plan

    You can also provide feedback on the plan-types and permissions by filling out this form.

    Thank you!


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  • DVW
    DVW ✭✭
    edited 07/22/22

    I am an independent consulting project manager and am deeply unhappy with this change, as in the offer to "upgrade" from Individual to Pro it was not made clear that I would actually be losing sharing functionality. I collaborate with multiple clients and am unable to provide multiple people at at each client organization with their own licenses.

    As much as I like Smartsheet, I'm now seriously considering dumping it.

  • SMC
    SMC ✭✭

    I am totally agree with DVW, i still have an Individual plan and I will keep as much time I can,

    I have a customers who will refuse to pay a plan in order to feed me with essential project information,

    this new plan policy will put me on consideration to keep my account, also the storage capacity goes from 50Gb to 20Gb.

    I hope SS reconsider the policy and offer a competitive solution for entrepreneurs and Small companies who are using their solution.