Formula to return a blank cell if columns are blank


I am working on a formula that will return me the following:

  • If equal to or less than 4 = Low
  • If equal to or less than 7 = Modest
  • If equal or less than 11 = Moderate
  • If Greater than 12 = High

=IFERROR(IF([Risk Score (calculated)]@row <= 4, "Low", IF([Risk Score (calculated)]@row <= 7, "Modest", IF([Risk Score (calculated)]@row <= 11, "Moderate", IF([Risk Score (calculated)]@row >= 12, "High")))), "")

I would like it to not have a value in the Risk Severity column if the Risk Score is Blank. Currently if the cell is blank, it is showing me "Low" as the value in the Risk Severity.

Any recommendations?

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