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Hello, everyone.

New day, new question.

I would like the values in row 1 to fill into row 2 if "Check to Fill Material Lots" is checked.

Should be simple enough with =if([Check to Fill Material Lots]@row = true, [GSP-1]1), right?

The problem is that after the values are in row 2, they must be hardcoded. Otherwise, whenever the values in the linked cells in row1 change (and they *will* change, so the Automation for "Change Cell Value" doesn't seem to be a good pick here), then the values in row 2 will change as well and render the whole thing moot.

The easiest workaround to this is literally just telling people to click on [GSP-1]1, press Ctrl+Shift+Right Key, Ctrl+C, and then hitting Ctrl+V into [GSP-1]2. This method is potentially prone to people pasting in the wrong spot, but isn't too bad. Just wanted to see if there's a way I can make filling in those values as simple as the click of a button for everyone else who uses this sheet.

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