I need to delete predecessor info once task is complete so dates no longer change for that row


I am currently using dependencies to determine deliverables based on a start date that frequently changes. In order to correctly show what was done when, I want to eliminate the dependencies automatically when complete is checked. I tried using Clear Cell Value Automation but it won't clear. Any assistance is appreciated.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @lwell

    When dependencies are enabled on a project sheet, many of the project columns have built in formulas that help automate some of the information. Because these cells house background formulas, they can't be updated via an automation that changes content in a sheet, including Change Cell, Clear Cell Value, or Record a Date automated workflows. Please let the Product team know of your specific use case and request using this form, here!

    As an alternative to clearing the Predecessors, what about having another date column in the sheet that notes "Actual Completion Date" and uses a Record a Date workflow to update the cell when the checkbox is checked?



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