Move Row to another sheet delayed or not working

I have set up a simple automation to move a row to another sheet if a value is changed in a column on the first sheet. Some of them seem to move after a few minutes and others are not moving at all. I am not seeing any errors in the automation. Why does it seem hit or miss?


  • Hi there!

    I don't know if this is your problem, but for example, we used to use a checkbox to move certain rows to another sheet and then unchecking the box so the next person could use it to trigger the move. Sometimes the row wouldn't move even after we would check the box, save, uncheck the box, and save.

    We realized that if you do several actions in quick succession, especially if you're returning the row to how it was before the change (in our case starting and ending with an unchecked box), then it seems like Smartsheet won't register the checking of the box as a real change. (Probably there's something in place to assume that if someone changes a value back to its starting position, they're just correcting a mistake.)

    The only thing we figured out as a workaround was to check the box, save... Wait until you see the row has moved into the new sheet (usually take a few seconds)... Uncheck the box. Save.

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