Automation to copy rows into multiple sheets


I'm creating a main sheet that contains many rows of data that certain people are responsible for. My current automation is triggered when my 'Submit' checkbox is checked. I have a column named submit and it's just a simple checkbox. It will notify the user email in the 'user email' cell in each row when that box is checked saying there has been a change. I also want those rows to be copied over to a different sheet for each user. For example, I have Bob, Sarah, and Alan and they all have their own sheet. Each of them have 2 rows each in my main sheet for a total of 6. When I click the 'Submit' boxes, each of them will get a notification saying that their rows have been updated and I need them to confirm some information. I have that part down, pretty easy. The issue I'm trying to solve for is, can I then have those rows copy over into their respective sheets? The 2 rows for Bob copy over into his sheet, 2 rows for Sarah copy over into her sheet, and 2 rows for Alan copy over into his sheet. Is this possible?