Check box on Sheet if Name on one is same, and reviewer is the same.

I figured out the 2 separate functions. I am trying to check a box on Peer Review Master if the Employee to be Reviewed shows that a review has been submitted on the Peer Revie]w Submitted Sheet where the #1 Email from Peer REview Master matches the Reviewer Email from the Peer Reviews Submitted:

From Peer Review Master:

Employee to be Reviewed #1 Email #1 Complete

From Peer Review Submitted:

I figured out the 2 separate functions but can't figure out how to put together.

To find if Reviewer from column #1email on Master is on Submitted: =IF([#1 Email]@row, {360 Peer Reviews Submitted Range 3}

To find Employee to be reviewed on Peer Review Master is on Peer Review submitted; =CONTAINS([Employee to be Reviewed]@row, {360 Peer Reviews Submitted Range 2})

Thank you in advance!!

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Debbie Petersen

    What about doing a COUNTIFS formula to COUNT how many rows in your source sheet have the same Email and Employee. Then if the COUNT is greater-than or equal-to 1, you can check the box.

    Try something like this:

    =IF(COUNTIFS({360 Peer Reviews Submitted Range 3}, [#1 Email]@row, {360 Peer Reviews Submitted Range 2}, [Employee to be Reviewed]@row) >=1, 1, 0)

    Let me know if this works for you.




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