Enhanced Community Search is Now Live!

Maxwell Griffith
Maxwell Griffith Employee Admin
edited 12/21/22 in General Announcements

Hey Smartsheet Community,

The Community Team is excited to announce a new and exciting way to search, giving you the confidence to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it most.

We’ve enhanced our search tool so you can now search for relevant and up-to-date Community posts.

In addition to these changes, we’ve narrowed down the filters that matter the most to you and now offer capabilities such as:

  1. List view of groups 
  2. Filter by top tags 
  3. Sort by post relevance, and more

Have questions? Check out our quick FAQ below: 

Q: What has changed from the previous search to the new?

A: All filters are visible within the left sidebar of every single search page, along with four primary sections to utilize for narrowing down your search. 

1. Last Updated: You’ll be able to search from the Last day to More than a year in time 

2. Tags: View a list of the most popular Community tags, with an additional search option

 3. Groups: Search through a list of all live groups and the number of associated posts 

4. Category: See a list of all categories and the number of associated posts for each category 

Q: Are there additional ways to filter posts through?

A: Yes! There is a new Sort by: function that lives directly below the search bar where Community Members can sort by Relevance, filtering through all keywords of what other members have searched for. Newest provides members the option to filter through most recent posts and oldest.

Search is a vital part of our Community and we couldn’t have done it without you. If you have any feedback, please submit your thoughts through this Smartsheet Community Feedback Form so we can continue to improve. 

Thank you,

Smartsheet Community Team