Updating a Multi_Contact_List cell with values not containing an email

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Hi everyone

I have a put request to a Multi_Contact_List cell that i want to contain one email value and one name not containing an email. Currently this is my put request, but I don't think the cell.attribute "email" is fitting here and value/displayValue etc. has also not worked for me. I also tried with "name", but this still requires a valid email.

This is the current body of my put request:


"id": "xxxxxxxxx",

"cells": [{

"columnId": "xxxxxxx",

"objectValue": {

"objectType": "MULTI_CONTACT",

"values": [{

"objectType": "CONTACT",

"email": "name.surname@company.com"

}, {

"objectType": "CONTACT",

"email": "Robert"






I have not included the uri and my headers as the request does work when I limit it to valid emails.

Does someone have a tip for me? A cell.attribute to try or someway to implement a lenient/strict value?

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