If we already completed the row task and it's marked complete, it will automatically change "Balance to Bill row" to 0. If not completed I want the cell to have the formula of Project amount minus QTY Billed so they can get the pending balance. Keeps coming up Unparseable.

See attachment. Thank you.



  • Nik Fuentes
    Nik Fuentes ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've transcribed your formula and noticed a many problems

    =countif([Project Status]@row, [Project Status]160), =[Contract Price]@row, [Contract Price]160-[Billed Ammount]@row,[Billed ammount]160, (0)

    You have the countif() as its own function [ =countif([Project Status]@row, [Project Status]160) which is a valid function] followed by an unnecessary comma that is enough to get you an #UNPARSABLE to begin with. then you have a second "=", which is opening a new formula in the middle of the formula, getting you a second #UNPARSABLE error. that "=" leads to a single value followed by another error producing comma, which then leads into a formula happening in a void [ [Contract Price]160-[Billed Ammount]@row ] that goes nowhere and is not used, followed by another comma, followed again by a floating value, and then another comma, and finally a 0 in brackets for some reason. So yeah, quite a host of problems.

    As for what you're trying to do, I suspect there may be a disconnect here. Smartsheets, much like Excell and Google Drive, is unable to have a cell remotely inform another cell, but rather it can only have a cell be informed by another cell. So essentially, if you want to have [Balance to Bill row]@row be changed, you will need to have the formula to change it be in the [Balance to Bill row]@row cell.

    You're looking for something like =if([Project Status]@row="Complete",0, [Contract Price]160-[Billed Amount]160) presuming that the 160 rows are where you store that information and not @row. Does that about sound like what you're looking for?

  • NShimy
    NShimy ✭✭

    It is what I'm looking for but after changing format it is now saying Invalid argument.

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