Working with Pictures and Index/Match Formula



I am building a product basket / configurator where I have a printer engine and I want to add accessories using checkboxes. This part is easy, no worries there.

I have a sheet with all the device info I want to use, this is referenced with a cell link, and to start the configuration I select a SKU from the list using the linked cell. Once this SKU populates on the main sheet, Index/Match formulas bring in all the rest of the information. This is also supposed to bring an image of the base printer engine that is populating a cell on the source sheet, using the Index/Match formula. The issue is that it only transfers the image file name and does not show the actual image.

Further to this I want to be able to make it so that image changes when adding accessories so that the image is accurate to the configuration. (extra trays & stands added on the sheet will change the image to the matching configuration using multiple images and changing the reference depending on selection). I haven't even started on this part yet though as I am not sure I can work with the images the way I want to.

Is this possible?