Yesterday's Data and Rolling 7 Day Avg Data


Hi - I am all-new to Smartsheet and have hunted high and low for the answer to these questions.....with no joy. When I think I am onto something the formula always doesn't work, so i thought i would ask directly...

I have a sheet that we update daily and want to create a summary at the bottom with two bits of info. This is then sucked into a dashboard for senior management reporting.

The sheet is prepopulated with dates and we add in daily sales and cumulative sales in the month.

What i need is the sheet to automatically grab yesterday's InDay number and separately calculate the rolling 7 day average InDay sales.

I would like to drop them onto a couple of cells at the bottom as illustrated and update automatically when the new numbers are added in daily.

The correct answers i need drop into the box would be 193 and 144 respectively.

Is this do-able in Smartsheet?




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