Create Trigger/Alert when Dates Shift Out of Month


We utilize a number of Smartsheets (one per Customer) to track project milestones, including "Projected Invoice Date". The value in this field is formula driven, which works great. I then have other data sheets that pulls the data from all Customer sheets to summarize our projected invoicing $$, per month, based on the "Projected Invoice Date" field, as well as "Order Total $".

On the 1st of each month, I report to the Company what we our projected to invoice (revenue $). Due to the nature of our business, Projected Invoice Dates often shift due to schedule changes, which obviously results in recognition of revenue $ shifting from one month to another.

I'm trying to create some sort of trigger so I can identify what specific Projects (rows) have a Projected Invoice Date that shifted from one month to another.

Below is a snapshot of the data sheet I use to summarize revenue projections (sum of "Order Total $" column). For example, the Dallas project is currently scheduled to invoice on 12/27/2021. If that date shifts out to, say, January, I need some type of trigger so I know that THAT particular project's revenue moved out of the month.

Hope this is clear! Thank you in advance!


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