Countifs in a Column Properties with Multi Select

I have a sheet collecting best times available for each of the 10 courses available, the multi select drop down is:

Monday Morning (7a-12p)

Monday Mid-Day (12p-4p)

Monday Evening (4p-9p)

Tuesday Morning (7a-12p)

Tuesday Mid-Day (12p-4p)

Tuesday Evening (4p-9p)

Wednesday Morning (7a-12p)

Wednesday Mid-Day (12p-4p)

Wednesday Evening (4p-9p)

I need to count how many of each is selected.

I set up second sheet as a metric to count, however when using the formula =COUNTIFS({Student Preferences210}, [Day of the Week & Time]@row) it only counts if one instance is in the cell. It does not count if there are multiple dates times selected.

Sheet that is collecting Student Preferences:

Metric Sheet that is counting the selections: =COUNTIFS({Student Preferences210}, [Day of the Week & Time]@row)

What is the best formula to count each Day of the Week & time that is selected in a mulit select?

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