if statement between 2 times

Stephen Hindes
edited 12/11/21 in Formulas and Functions

column 1, auto date with time, "12/09/21 1:07 PM"

column 2 is my play column

column 3 i do a =RIGHT(([date auto]@row), 8) to get just the time "1:07 PM"

column 4 was trying to do a T/F if the time is after 3pm but befor 12am (or can use 11:59pm)

if have tried several thing, and can not get it to work.

got any ideas?


  • Mike matthys

    if you can convert in 24h format you could use something like this

    =IF(OR(RIGHT(100 + VALUE(LEFT(time@row; FIND(":"; time@row) - 1)); 2) > 14; RIGHT(100 + VALUE(LEFT(time@row; FIND(":"; time@row) - 1)); 2) < 12); "T"; "F")

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