In the "Card View" is there away to auto apply the filter I currently have selected to a new card?

For example, I have a filter of all "tasks" for a specific project manager, so in the "Card View" I only see tasks/projects assigned to that specific Manager and nothing else, which is great. However, when I go to click the "+" sign to add a task/project quickly it doesn't auto apply the manager (aka the filter) to the new task and instead I have to then go into the task and fill that out manually... the "quick create" a card in the card view is awesome, but becomes pointless if I have to go into the card anyway to "assign" it to the manager that I already had it filtered on.

I think you could do something where if you have a filter, that means the data already exists because you are filtering on it, and therefore the filtered fields could easily be auto applied to the new card... even if you have multiple filters selected it could auto apply, for example, multiple project managers if that is what your filter is on... thoughts?