API returns status code 500 with error code 4000

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Hello. We need some help.

Sometimes we have API returns status code 500 with error code 4000. Example of error body:


 statusCode: 500,

 errorCode: 4000,

 message: 'An unexpected error has occurred. 

 Please contact the Support team at https://help.smartsheet.com/contact for assis tance.',

 refId: '1epuw7ruti51a'


This happens in random requests to random routes.

For example, simple request which returns this error now:

To sendRows:


  body: {

    sendTo: [{ email: '[email protected]' }],

    subject: 'Подтверждённая съёмка: ...',

    includeAttachments: true,

    includeDiscussions: true,

    rowIds: [1843734197495684]


  sheetId: 7250500555958148


We make many requests like above. But this one is not respond correctly.



  • Hi @detsad

    The 4000 error is too generic to know why it may have failed. I would recommend reaching out to Smartsheet Support with your full request, identifying what it is you are looking to do through the API. They'll be able to troubleshoot with you in a private channel so you can share more details.



  • Unfortunately, support has not been responding for 3 days.

    case number is 05142180

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