Formula to check box when a drop down has been selected AND it is a row of indent level above 1

Katie F
Katie F ✭
edited 12/16/21 in Formulas and Functions


I'm trying to automate a tick box when two other conditions are fullfilled. Firstly, one drop down is selected (in [Consultant Assessment] column) AND the row indent level not 0 or 1.

This is what I have at the moment:

=IF(AND(ISBLANK([Consultant Assessment]@row), ([Indent Level]@row < 2)), 0, 1)

However, it isn't picking up if a selection is or is not being made from the drop down list in the [Consultant Assessment] column.

Am I approaching this the right way? Any help, much appreciate. πŸ™‚


Katie 🌸


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