Return a cell's value in a formula when 0% is showing in the "completed" column.


I am trying to write a formula that will return the number of estimated hours still needed on a project. I have an "Estimated Hours Needed" column and a "Percent Completed Column".

My original calculation of

=SUM([Estimated Hours Needed]@row * [Percent Completed]@row)

worked for rows that had a percentage other than 0% in them. I tried another formula to tell it to see if the field had "0" in it - and if it did, use the number from the "Estimated Hours Needed" column, but if it had a number larger than "0", do the calculation of multiplying "Percentage Completed" against "Estimated Hours Needed". That formula returned an #Unparseable error for the row I put it in

Below is the formula I used:

=IF([Percent Completed]@row = "0", [Estimated Hours Needed@row], IF([Percent Completed]@row >"0", SUM([Estimated Hours Needed]@row * [Percent Completed]@row)))

What am I doing wrong?

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