Can Smartsheet auto populate data from a pdf to one of the sheets?

I am working with a client and I actually build workflows in Smartsheet for different clients based on their requirement. This particular client has an editable pdf which they send out and get it filled. Now that they decided to use Smartsheet, I want to see if I can link this editable pdf to the sheet in Smartsheet and make their life easier. I know that the Document Builder does the exact opposite. It takes information from the sheet and auto populates that in the pdf.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Nikhil

    There currently isn't a way for a Smartsheet sheet to identify filled in fields in an editable PDF and automatically import that data into the sheet - you're correct that Document Builder does the opposite of this. Data Shuttle is able to upload data based on an attachment added to a sheet, but this attachment would need to be either a CSV or XLSX file, or a Google Sheet.

    Please let the Product team know about your client's use-case so they can consider this in future developments by filling in this form, here!