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I am trying to do the same autogenerating reference numbers using a column that it is like the project class (What is it?) and the reference date will be the created column date that automatically assigned by system when the item is added.

What i want in column Auto Ref Test that Generate the first Letter of "What is it?" column, in this case is R, after that i need a sequential number starting with 0001 and after the year in column "Created"

I followed the formula some formula that i saw in the forum, not sure if this one is the one but even that is giving me an error.

=LEFT([What is it?]@row + "-" + COUNTIFS([What is it?]$1:[ What is it?]@row, [What is it?]@row, [Created]$1:[ Created]@row, YEAR(@cell) = YEAR([Created]@row)) + "-" + RIGHT(YEAR([Created]@row), 2)

If you can recommend a formula to input that help me to create what i am trying i appreciate in advance


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