Can we pull a user report of Smart Sheet user interactions across all sheets?



I know that you can go into a specefic sheet and "view activity log" but can you pull a report of all the users and their interactions with all of my "workspaces" which contain hunderds of sheets? Ultimately I want to see who are the frequent users that interact with smartsheet vs. the not so frequent users


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @ECD Auto Design

    There currently isn't a way to pull a Workspace Activity Log, Activity Logs are specific per-sheet (please submit your suggestion to the Product team through this form!)

    There are a few account-wide reports that you can download if you are a System Admin on a Business or Enterprise account. This includes a Sheet Access Report which would show you all the items associated with each user, but it doesn't identify which users are actually making changes in these items. There is also a Login History report, if that would help.



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