Multiple Drop Down Menus in one column

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edited 12/22/21 in Smartsheet Basics

I sent this to Smart Sheet via Twitter yesterday:

"I need to set up a template document which will have A. Description Column (permanent), B. Drop Down Selection (each line requires different drop down), C. Measurement column (manual input), D. Notes column. I will require to copy this document for each individual project, select the drop downs relevant to that project and input the data. This may have to be done 100 - 200 times a year, so you see why I am trying to find a solution."

This is the response that I received from Smart Sheet this morning:

"If the available dropdown options in rows need to be different then we would typically suggest that they are split out into different columns or different sheets (and then group the sheets together in a report).

To discuss this in greater detail and check if there are any other options that might fit your business use case, you may wish to ask the question on our Community page here:"

Has anyone tried to do something similar on Smart Sheet?