Sum Formula when a Formula is used to Generate a number


I am trying to sum Cells that contain a number that is generated from another formula. However, the sum is not generating. These are the steps I have followed. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

  1. I have a series of cells that are populated through a form as Yes or No questions.
  2. If a question is answered yes it is assigned a number 1-12. Each question is weighted differently. So if the question is not that important it may get a rating of 3 and if it is very important it would get a 12.
  3. I created a cell that has this formula to make the Yes equal to a numeric value. =IF([Item 7: Will this Project require AV?]@row = "Yes", "11", "0")
  4. Then the last column I want to sum all of the weighted questions. This is the formula used: =SUM([Item 1 Score]@row + [Item 2 Score]@row + [Item 3 Score]@row + [Item 4 Score]@row + [Item 5 Score]@row + [Item 6 Score]@row + [Item 7 Score]@row + [Item 8 Score]@row + [Item 10 Score]@row + [Item 11 Score]@row + [Item 12 Score]@row + [Item 13 Score]@row)

However the sum comes up as 0.

Any help to fix this is appreciated.


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