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I am trying to write a formula that calculates the number of days from a target finish date. I am using the =NETDAYS function but it is only calculating the days as a positive number. How can I write the formula so that it counts down days from an upcoming target date and also displays (-)days past that target date?

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    =IF([Finish Date] @row > TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), [Finish Date] @row), -1 * NETWORKDAYS([Finish Date] @row, TODAY()))

    You have spaces between [Finish Date] and @row. It should be [Finish Date]@row, as shown here:

    =IF([Finish Date]@row > TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), [Finish Date]@row), -1 * NETWORKDAYS([Finish Date]@row, TODAY()))


    Jeff Reisman

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