Inserting contact name based on dropdown menu choice

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Hi folks (but especially @Andrée Starå 😁!),

My next query is around inserting contacts based on drop-down choice.

Certain departments will be attached to a task and once they are chosen, I would like a column to change to a relevant colleague contact.

Again, I had a crack at an IF statement and got this far:


IF([Assigned To]@row = "whichever department name", [Responsible colleague]@row = team manager colleague's name)

I put this into the 'Responsible Colleague' column and it did not come out as unparseable but it did tell me it was a circular reference. I appreciate this might be because it has a reference to the column it is in but I don't understand why that is a problem or where else it might go!

The plan for this is that once this formula is completed, I can create a workflow that emails the manager colleague to come and re-assign the task to a team colleague to process it.

That, however, is assuming that the manager colleague can manually choose a team colleague which then overwrites the formula and leaves the new name in place (and again, folks are emailed based on that change...perhaps another fresh column would be a better choice!

Thank you!

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