Using =COUNTIF Function in Sheet Summary returning #INVALID DATA TYPE



I am trying to create a formula that will count the # of project that are ">90" days out and "<=90" days out, then also projects that are "<=-90" days past complete date and ">-90" days out but it is returning an error #INVALID DATA TYPE error for sheet summary field (see screenshot below).

I am using the "# of days to finish Date" column that is counting the days with the formula as follows: "=IF(Finish@row > TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Finish@row), -1 * NETWORKDAYS(Finish@row, TODAY()))"

Can anyone provide some insight as to why the sheet summary field is not counting the # of projects that meet the "=COUNTIF" criteria?

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  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith ✭✭✭
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    Hi Gabe,

    It is because your rows that have no dates are showing #INVALID DATA TYPE. an easy fix is to change your Column Formula in "# of days to finish Date" to check if there is a value in the Duration Column.

    =IF(Duration@row <> 0, IF(Finish@row > TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Finish@row), -1 * NETWORKDAYS(Finish@row, TODAY())))


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