Counting 2 different Columns?


I am in need of some help. I can't seem to figure out how I am to get a count of how many people selected a certain salad with a certain protein. I have one column that participants are picking a lunch item. Two of those items are salads. I put the formula =COUNTIF([Sunday, January 23rd Lunch]:[Sunday, January 23rd Lunch], CONTAINS("Winter grains", @cell)) to know how many people selected the Winter Grains Salad. That works. Then they also selected a protein to go with the salad. I am needing to know how many people that selected the Winter Grains Salad wanted Salmon with their salad. So for instance, 4 people selected Winter Grain Salad I am needing to know out of those 4 who chose salmon for their protein. I tried combining the formulas together but I am getting an error response in the cell.

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