I need to store different data about projects - how can I do this?



I am setting up smartsheets. I have managed to set up the project management basics (task list with grouping categories, dates and so forth) and am working with the restrictions that Smartsheet has.

I need to store other data about my projects, and importantly, I want my users to be be able to pick up a template which is ready to go and doesn't need them to manually do any cell linking.

Other data, in addition to a task list is:

Basic project data - who the manager is, project ID, other data of this nature

Risk information - for 9 different variables, what are the risk levels?

Milestones - what are the milestones for the project and the associated dates? These might be appropriate for integration with a task list...I'd have to think

I'd also want data such as the basic project data inserted against the task rows in a hidden column so that the report I run for all the projects in a workspace contains things like the project ID without the user having to add this for every task row in their template.

My initial thought was to use 2 tabs...but apparently Smartsheet only has one tab.

My next thought was to use a pair of linked templates...but apparently you cannot link templates.

My next thought is to make some space at the top of the sheet for this data - but that really messes with the data model and isn't really good practice in setting data out. I could probably work around it by having a hidden column with "ignore" or something to exclude it from reporting (for example, I might have project ID above the column containing the tasks - but it isn't a task!). This seems less than ideal.

I could perhaps use a form an tuck this data out of the way on the sheet somewhere, but again this seems messy.

What's best practice here?


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  • CycleBagEd

    Okay...so I have currently worked out this:

    You can store variables in the project summary

    One of these can be the smartsheet URL

    You can reference this variable in the project sheet in a formula column

    You can insert a VLOOKUP to other sheets such as an index sheet where a user can create a foreign key by pasting the sheet URL

    The cross sheet VLOOKUP will retrieve the data from the index sheet.

    So in order to link this data together, as far as I can tell, all I need users to do is make an entry on an index sheet to link to their project sheet and set up a reference in the sheet summary.

    Well, that's progress.

  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @CycleBagEd

    I hope you're well and safe!

    There are some great Templates and Template Sets in the Solution Center that can be excellent starting points.

    Have you explored them?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic week!


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